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Blue Pool of Torwood

Today we were off to visit a ruined castle but our adventure also took us to a mysterious pool located in the forest nearby.

This is the ‘Blue Pool’ of Torwood which has been known of by locals to the area for decades, as many of them had been known to have taken a dip in it. The pool of bright blue water is roughly 6m across and thought to be about 4m deep. When you look in you can see old tree trunks at the bottom through the crystal-clear waters & when the sun comes out like today it really is a wonderful site.

Now in this land of Elves, Fauns & Fairies you would expect me to tell some fantastic tale of otherworldly encounters taking place here, but no such story seems to exist, possibly because in the grand scheme of things this site is relatively new in Scottish standards.

The reason for building the pool and the people who built it have been lost in time, but there have been many theories about its purpose and why it feels rather magical within its forest setting, however, the real purpose we believe, is either an old air shaft from the colliery sunk in 1865 a mile away and closed down in 1910, or an old break pressure chamber in the water supply line which fed the town of Grangemouth.

That’s not to say something otherworldly is yet to take place here, as the setting feels just right for such an occurrence.

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